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14ft x 14ft Parks Anti-Bird Net
This 14- by 14-foot Net Protects Your Crops from Nibbling Critters!

14ft x 14ft Park's Anti-Bird Net

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Fasten the net to the ground with our Galvanized Ground Anchors.

Light gets through, but teeth, claws, and beaks stay out!

Protect your vegetables and fruits from the destructive munching of birds and small animals with this feather-light mesh. Simply drape it over the plants -- including trees and shrubs -- to inhibit deer from eating, or wrap it around the canes of berry bushes, spread it across the strawberry patch, or over trailing vines. Then fasten the net securely to the ground (our Galvanized Ground Anchors are great for this, or you can use heavy rocks, planting stakes, etc.) and watch your harvest take shape!

Harmless to animals, long-lasting, and mildew-resistant, the 3/4-inch mesh black polypropylene can be cut to any size. It washes clean and folds for easy, compact storage. A non-chemical, quick and easy way to preserve your harvest from nibbling critters!

If you need a different-sized net, we have 4:

7 by 20 feet, 14 by 45 feet, 14 by 75 feet, and 28 by 28 feet.

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Size 14 x 14 ft
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Anti-bird net
Backyard gardener in Los Angeles area from CA wrote (August 18, 2012):
This product works great for keeping birds and squirrels off my fig tree. In previous years, the birds and critters ate all the figs before I could harvest any. Now, except for a few figs at the top that they can reach through the net, I am getting a bunch of unblemished figs every day. I just order a second net for my Fuyu persimmon tree, and I plan on using the net on the fig tree for my avocado tree after the fig stops bearing.
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