3B Protector Spray - 16 oz

3B Protector Spray - 16 oz

So Safe You Can Clean Birdseed With It!

Item # 37777
Well, you know us. Given the choice between dirt from the ground and a bunch of chemicals from a lab, we'll take the dirt any day. But there are times when things in our garden must be cleaned, and that's why we've come to love 3B Protector Spray. It's so natural, so safe, so harmless that we use it not only to clean birdfeeders and birdhouses, but even birdseed!

Every so often, your backyard feeding stations and birdhouses really should be cleaned. Birdfeeders can acquire a lot of dirt and waste, and it's really not a good idea to pour fresh food right onto dirty surfaces. As for birdhouses, after the fledglings have left the nest and their parents flown elsewhere for the season, it's time to make sure everything is fresh and clean for the next residents! Even birdseed mixes can acquire dirt over time.

All of these delicate items can be safely cleaned with 3B Protector Spray, the entirely natural, non-toxic, safe spray that uses only organic enzymes to remove surfaces of contamination. If you can spray it on food, you know it's safe! This wonderful spray has changed our minds about keeping things clean for our outdoor visitors. No more worry about the toxic ingredients in cleansers or the off-putting smell in soap, which can keep wildlife away.

Rely on 3B Protector Spray season after season for all your birding items. It's Mother Nature approved and bird tested! 16-oz bottle.