The Best All-Around Lighting for Seedlings to Houseplants!

48 inch Fluorescent Eco Tube

Pack of 2
Item # 96860-PK-2
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32-watt tube 48 inches long!

This T8 light uses an electronic ballast, far longer-lasting and more energy efficient than the traditional T12 magnetic ballast -- plus, no humming or flickering!
Your seedlings and indoor plants will flourish under these superb T8 fluorescent light tubes! The most efficient model on the market, this superior grow light encourages stronger, healthier seedlings that grow more rapidly than under traditional lights or even sunlight!

This eco-friendly T8 light uses an electronic ballast, which is longer-lasting and more energy efficient than the old T12 magnetic ballasts. And as an added bonus, these lights will never flicker or buzz annoyingly!

Each packet contains 1 48-inch T8 tube of 32-watt lighting with a Kelvin temperature of 5000K. Use these lights with our 48-inch Folding Light Set or Park's Improved Garden Condo. For less intense lighting, try the 20-Watt Wide Spectrum Fluorescent Tube.

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Pack of 2
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