5 Foot Tomato Tower

5 Foot Tomato Tower

Anchors securely in the ground with 3-prong base.

Pack of 3
Item # 06910-PK-3
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The easiest way to train up your tomato plants (especially in loose soils where single-stake supports topple over!), the Tomato Tower is a space-saving, elegant approach to getting big yields.

Using this support is easy. Simply guide the main stem of the vining plant within the 3 galvanized wires as the plant grows. The vine will climb the 5-foot tower, setting fruit in all directions and securely supported up the middle! You can tie individual stems to the horizontal cross-suypports for additional support for heavy fruit.

The Tomato Tower is anchored to the ground with a 3-prong base that won't tip over in sliding soil. The sturdy construction keeps this tower in use for years!