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Teflon-coated Steel for Swift, Accurate Cuts!
36131.jpg7-inch Carbon Steel Shaped Secateurs

7-inch Carbon Steel Shaped Secateurs

Item # 36131
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2-inch cutting thickness and ergonomic design!

Easy on the wrist!
The unique shape of these pruning shears lets you know right away that you're in for something special, and the performance doesn't disappoint! These 7-inch secateurs are absolutely top-notch for pruning roses and other shrubs, cutting away crossed or damaged branches, and otherwise trimming green (living) wood up to a maximum thickness of 2 inches. Made by the respected old firm of Joseph Bentley, they are a treasure to own and a pleasure to use.

The curved shape is ergonomically designed to minimize impact on your wrist, so you can last longer and experience less fatigue and stress when doing a whole morning's pruning or a long day's set of chores in the garden. Just 3 inches wide, they fit comfortably in the hand without stretching, yet offer a good "bite" on the branch.

Most of all, they are strong: the carbon-hardened steel of which the blades are made is coated in teflon, so these shears are both tough and resilient. Soil, sap, and other plant matter won't stick to the blades, making your job quicker and your clean-up a snap.

The blades are easy to remove for cleaning, and will last countless seasons in the garden. The handles are durable as well, constructed of smooth, contoured oak that has been sustainably harvested and is FSC certified. You will find that these secateurs have a quick, smooth slicing action as bypass shears, making a clean cut every time with no ripping or tearing. And the blades can be securely locked closed when not in use to prevent accidents. There's no substitute for this quality, and you will find this to be one of your finest as well as your favorite garden tools. Add it to your wheelbarrow this season! ⅔ lb.

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