Acorn Top Bird Feeder

Acorn Top Bird Feeder

Looks Like an Old-Timey Lantern!

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Handsome enough to serve as a piece of garden decor without any function at all, the Acorn Top Bird Feeder is an easy-to-use refillable birdfeeder made of handsome, weather-resistant copper and glass. The acorn finial on the top conceals a button that opens the glass reservoir for easy refilling and cleaning, while the copper accents age to a fine patina, resisting the weather and foiling nibbling squirrels!

While wood and plastic birdfeeders tend to look worn-out and chewed rather quickly in the harsh conditions of the outdoors, The Acorn Top is resilient, only improving its naturally weathered appearance with age. Squirrels avoid trying out their teeth on its unfriendly copper, and small birds find the narrow, curved perch at the base very comfortable and safe for feeding.

This birdfeeder measures 10¾ inches high and 7½ inches in diameter, a generous size that means you don't have to be running out to refill every other week. And because you can see the seed level clearly in the glass reservoir, you know when the seed is running low. This feeder looks great too, the copper and glass complementing a wide range of garden decors.

Give the Acorn Top a try this season. It lasts for many, many years, its beautiful design never going out of style. Small songbirds love its proportions, squirrels keep their distance, and garden visitors of all kinds (including the human variety!) admire its proportions. Find a special place to hang this all-weather feeder today!