Advantage Bean Seeds

Advantage Bean Seeds (L) 1 lb

You Won't Believe these Huge Yields!

(L) 1 lb
Item # 52540-PK-L
58 days from direct sowing.

"Advantage" is a mild way to describe the benefits of this exciting new stringless bush bean! Absolutely TOPS for huge yields, it is also a great way to extend your harvest a little bit. Because the seeds grow very slowly inside these long, slender, beautifully tender pods, you don't have to pick the whole crop at once. It's the perfect combo: high yields plus relaxed harvesting!

Advantage is a bush bean with lush dark green foliage and masses -- just MASSES -- of 6½-inch pods. Long, smooth, and slender, the beans have a succulent bite that is bursting with beany flavor and good moisture. Great for fresh eating, canning, pickling, steaming, sauteing -- you name your method of preparation and Advantage will taste great and hold up well!

Part of the secret of these big, successful crops is good disease resistance. Advantage is resistant to Bean Common Mosaic Virus and Anthracnose. It shows good heat tolerance, too. So even if you're a "bean newbie," you can expect to deliver the goods with Advantage!

Direct-sow the seeds into the warm spring soil. After harvesting the beans, plow or till the entire plant back into the soil. Bean is a big soil builder, and next year's crops will thank you for enriching their environment!