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Here it is -- the Brightest, Most Amazing Bloom of the Season!

African Daisy Zion Copper Amethyst

Pack of 6
Item # 87643-PK-6D
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Absolutely the #1 cutflower you've got to grow!

Yes, these blooms really do shade from bright purple at the base through hot pink and finally orange!
Some flowers are just fun, and the new Zion series of African Daisies is high on this list. Where else can you grow such amazing blooms, their color so neon-bright and unusual that it scarcely looks real? Of course, they're more than just pretty faces; these big blooms last a long time in garden or vase, and the compact plants are adaptable to containers as well as the sunny annual bed. Zion is a must-have this season for nonstop blooms that always make visitors gasp and do a double take!

Copper Amethyst is the showpiece of the family, an amazing color blend that recalls the old "flower power" days of the 1960's! These blooms shade from rich grape-purple at the base through hot pink to brightest orange, with some nice veining for contrast. Unbelievable! They really do look so neon in hue that visitors may quickly feel the petals to be sure they're real! And the petals are long and narrow, nicely rounded at the end and with a small dark eye ringed in bright orange. Arising on very strong stems, they face up and out, creating a cheerful greeting for all who pass by.

Zion reaches just 6 to 8 inches high when not in bloom, with fresh green foliage that stays healthy until frost. In bloom, it is 12 to 14 inches high, the long-stemmed flowers appearing all over this well-branched plant. At 12 inches wide, it's just the right size to pop into a 6-inch pot!

This new African Daisy blooms a little earlier than previous varieties. In cool climates, Zion begins blooming when the summer heat arrives, and continues all season long. Cut or deadhead the blooms for faster rebloom. In warm climates, the flowers begin in mid- to late spring, continuing into the early weeks of summer, then rest until the cooler temperatures of autumn arrive. Either way, you are assured a very long season of continous, heavy bloom!

For an absolute color riot, combine Copper Amethyst with its siblings, the pastel-hued Pink Sand and ultra-bright Orange. These daisy-shaped blooms also make a lovely companion to the tall, colorful spires of Angelonia in the vase, and look gorgeous in front of Persian Shield in garden or container. Deep violet-black Joseph's Coat Red Threads also makes a stunning backdrop. The possibilities are endless!

If you are a cut-flower lover or simply enjoy trying the latest and most amazing blooms in the floral world, you've got to try Zion this season! You won't be disappointed! Pack of 6.

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Genus 2 Osteospermum
Variety Zion Copper Amethyst
Item Form Pack of 6
Virtual Form All Zones Shipping 5/18/15
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