Increase Vase Life Up to 75%!

Algoflash Cut Flower Preserver

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Keeps flowers blooming longer after they're cut!

Same Algoflash quality and economy!

Don't stop feeding your flowers just because you've picked them -- this new Algoflash cutflower preserver keeps your blooms healthy and beautiful up to 75% longer than plain water! Just add it to your vase and enjoy the bounty of your garden much, much longer!

Composed of a blend of nutrients (sugars, a biocide to reduce bacterial growth, acid to cut the pH, and an anti-ethylene substance), Algoflash is just what your indoor arrangements need to keep looking their best. It's liquid, so you can just add a dollop to the vase water, stir with a handy stem, and be good to go!

If you aren't using Algoflash in the garden yet, you MUST try this world record-holding, all natural fertilizer from France! A patented formula with NO CHLORIDES, NO CARBONATES, and NO SODIUM, it's odorless, colorless and completely environmentally safe. We've got an all-purpose solution as well as special blends for flowering plants, hosueplants, roses, and tomatoes!


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