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All Seasons Horticultural Spray Oil Concentrate
Safe for Humans and Animals, Ideal for protecting Fruits and Vegetables

All Seasons Horticultural Spray Oil Concentrate

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32 ounce bottle with a hose end: simply attach it to a garden hose to dilute your concentrate!

All-Natural Paraffinic Oil works by smothering the eggs of overwintering insects.
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This superior paraffinic oil works by smothering insects and their eggs, controlling these pests naturally without the need for chemicals or toxins. Because this formulation is organic, non-toxic, and particularly effective against aphids, mites, and spiders, it is highly recommended for use on fruit trees, roses, and vegetables, as well as shade trees and other ornamentals. This concentrate makes 25 gallons of pest-controlling spray, ensuring the average gardener several years worth of protection! The hose end lets you attach your garden hose for easy dilution. And best of all, it is safe and organic! It even has a pleasant scent!

Formulated for year-round use, this product is suitable for application during the dormant stage, bud stage, and the growing season. It was originally developed and used during the dormant season to smother all insects overwintering in fruit trees without adding toxins or harming pollinating insects. Just be sure not to coat the leaves when the temperature is under 40? F, as this may cause leaf drop.

This oil controls red spiders, scale insects, aphids, bud moths, leaf rollers, red bugs, codling moths, blister mites, galls, whiteflies, mealy bugs, and other insects and diseases. 32 ounce bottle.

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Size 32 ounce bottle w/ Hose End
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