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Americana Hybrid Greenhouse

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144 Square Feet of Growing Space!

12 feet wide and deep, with more than 8 feet of height!
This item ships standard for FREE to the continental U.S.!It's the greenhouse you've always dreamed of, and now it can be yours at a terrific value. The Americana is our largest and best greenhouse, with 144 square feet of growing space within clear-as-glass polycarbonate walls and roof. The barn-style design maximizes your headroom, the 4 vent windows improve air circulation, the double swinging doors let you bring in anything from a wheelbarrow to an 8-foot tree without stooping or bending, and the roof is reinforced with an extra layer of UV-blocking, weather-tough polycarbonate. What more can you ask? --Well, it looks great, too!

The Americana measures 12 feet wide and 12 feet deep. At its highest point it is more than 8 feet tall, and that's not a single point in the center of an A-frame -- it's the largest area of the interior roof, which angles twice to give you more valuable headroom. Here you can really stack your growing benches, hang baskets from the roof beams, and still have plenty of room to walk around without ducking and stooping!

The roof of the Americana is constructed of a twin wall of polycarbonate to protect your plants from the intense direct heat of midday. This extra layer also serves as additional weather protection during heavy snow loads and in strong rains and winds.

The side walls and doors are constructed of a single layer of polycarbonate, a thermal insulator with 100% UV protection and a clear-as-glass appearance. This material is virtually unbreakable, and admits plenty of light.

The heavy-duty aluminum frame of the Americana is rust-proof, and the greenhouse has been weatherstripped at the vents and doors for additional protection from leaks and drafts. There are 4 adjustable vent windows, so air circulation is never a problem. And the whole thing rests on a galvanized steel base for decades of heavy use.

The Americana Hybrid Greenhouse comes to us from Poly-tex, a trusted name in greenhouse and coldframe design, and is backed by a limited 5-year warranty. It repays your investment the very first year with growing space for all your seedlings year-round, plus bench space for tropicals, tender perennials, houseplants, and more that you want to overwinter safely. Begin using your Americana this season and discover the joy of year-round gardening!

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