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Animal Repellent (2.5-lb. container)
All natural granular formula is great for area protection

Animal Repellent (2.5-lb. container)

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Mimics the presence of an injured animal, so deer and rabbits steer clear!

Use it when you need extra protection for fast growing plants
SHAKE when you can't SPRAY! Protect even the tiniest new growth. Have you ever come across a plant that the deer "aren't supposed to eat" only to find it totally devoured? Unfortunately, there's no growth to spray... only twigs and branches! What can you do to reclaim your plants? Sprinkle a protective barrier of Animal Repellent around your plants! This effective granular repellent allows you to apply repellent in any weather, doesn't have a foul or offensive odor, and is rain resistant.

This Animal Repellent is an environmentally-friendly granular repellent that you can safely and effectively use to repel deer and rabbits from your garden. It is all-natural, biodegradable, and the ingredients will not harm any animals... just keep them away from your garden! Fortified with an advanced botanical blend of plant oils, it provides the strongest and most effective repellent, without a foul or offensive odor.

Deer, rabbits and other herbivores are the natural prey of carnivores (meat-eating animals) and will avoid areas where an animal may have been injured or brought down by a predator. To a deer or rabbit, the ingredients in our all natural animal repellent indicates the presence of an injured animal. Not wanting to become the next victim, the deer and rabbits will avoid the treated area altogether. 2.5 lb container.

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Size 2.5 lb container
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
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