Annual Lovers Seed Collection

Annual Lover's Seed Collection

Flowering Vines, Cutflowers, Bedding Plants, and Much More!

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At last, an annual collection that includes so many classic favorites as well as exciting newcomers we want to try! This collection boasts an astonishing 19 different types of flowers, with 1 packet of each . . . plus 4 additional varieties of some of the most popular types: Cosmos, Marigolds, Sunflowers, and Zinnias! You get 23 packets in all, for the annual garden of your dreams!

The themes are color and distinction in this collection. You'll find flowering vines, foliage plants, sun- and shade-lovers, spreading and upright types, familiar favorites and one or two unexpected delights. No matter where you live, you can grow the annuals in this collection. And there are plenty for containers and small spaces, as well as a few cool-season choices, so don't worry about fitting them all in. They will grow, and grow beautifully!

We've ladled extra helpings of color into this collection by selecting mixes within many varieties, from the bold-and-bright foliage of the Coleus Wizard series (12 different looks!) to the pastel tones of our own Impatiens Shady Lady (soft ivories, pinks, and blues) to the rich tapestry tones of Sunflower Large Flowered Mix.

We've also given you some recent breeding breakthroughs, such as a Gaillardia that blooms the first summer from a spring sowing (no cold period needed!) to a dwarf Sweet Pea with giant blooms that continue for up to 4 months.

In other words, this is exactly what its name suggests: a dream come true for annual lovers in every climate, with every type of garden. You get 1 packet each of the following, for a total of 23. Enjoy!

Angel's Trumpet Blackcurrant Swirl offers fully double, wonderfully fragrant purple-and-white trumpets up to 8 inches long! Super easy to grow. Pkt is 20 seeds.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine sets masses of golden-orange blooms among heart-shaped leaves on a vining plant that loves the sun. Carefree! Pkt is 25 seeds.

Celosia Rainbow Sherbet is the boldest, brightest, most beautiful wheat celosia yet, with 6 engaging colors in shades of yellow, orange, pink, and red. Near-chartreuse foliage heightens the impact of these beauties. Pkt is 50 seeds.

Coleus Wizard Mix contains an astonishing 12 different varieties of compact, colorful, super-fast foliage plants. Irresistible! Pkt is 40 seeds.

Cosmos Peppermint Candy is the most cheerful daisy-flowered annual you will ever grow. Richly streaked petals of pink-magenta and white dazzle in garden and vase, opening just 8 to 12 weeks after you sow the seed. An award winner. Pkt is 30 seeds.

Cosmos Rubenza is an award-winner with super-easy growth and beautiful daisies that change from deep red to brightest crimson as they mature. So quick, so lovely! Pkt is 25 seeds.

Four o'Clock Broken Colors delights with fragrant trumpet-shaped blooms in all manner of streaked, washed, and blotched colors. It opens in late afternoon to evening, a wonderful choice for the deck, patio, or other conversation area. Pkt is 40 seeds.

Gaillardia Arizona Apricot blooms the very first summer from a spring sowing, unlike older Blanket Flowers. A double row of soft golden petals washed with orange dazzle on strong stems. Easy, quick, and perfect for cutting -- no wonder it won the AAS! Pkt is 25 seeds.

Geranium Maverick Scarlet offers extra-large blooms of red shot with orange on plants renowned for their love of heat, humidity, and even drought. Great for pots and windowboxes as well as the annual bed. Pkt is 10 seeds.

Impatiens Shady Lady Pastel Mix lightens the shade with nonstop blooms of white, pink, and blue -- all pastel shades, all beautiful! The blooms continue for many months on virtually carefree plants. Indispensable for garden and container! Pkt is 30 seeds.

Lobelia Fountain Blue offers rare true-blue flowers in sun or part shade. Best in cooler weather, it continues the annual garden's beauty right through fall! Pkt is 100 seeds.

Marigold Janie Flame is a classic French Marigold with big double blooms of bright orange edged in gold. The first to bloom in the Marigold patch, it is a never-fail dependable classic that will probably become part of your garden every year. Pkt is 50 seeds.

Marigold Park's Whopper Mix delivers the largest blooms of any African Marigold -- 4 inches across and fully double! This mix brings you yellow, gold, and orange on plants that stand up to diseases that weaken most other varieties. Whoppers, indeed! Pkt is 25 seeds.

Mexican Zinnia Persian Carpet Mix offers fiery blends of burnt orange and gold on blooms that vary from fully double to semi and even single. A spreading variety very easy to grow, it blooms tirelessly all summer and into fall. Pkt is 50 seeds.

Monkey Flower Magic Blotch Mix blooms in an astonishing 16 different color combinations in almost any type of soil. It doesn't mind a bit of shade, and shoots right up from sowing. Too little used in American gardens, it deserves a trial in yours! (You won't be disappointed.) Pkt is 50 seeds.

Morning Glory Star of Yelta is a glorious blue-and-pink heirloom yearning to blanket that unsightly fence, climb that trellis, and tumble over that low wall in the sunny garden. Sandy soils are its best friend. Pkt is 20 seeds.

Petunia Shock Wave Deep Purple spills out of hanging baskets, windowboxes, and planters with gorgeous magenta blooms that self-clean and just don't know how to quit. Prepare to fall in love. And with our pelleted seed, sowing is much, much easier! Pkt is 10 seeds.

Sunflower Large Flowered Mix brings you all the glorious colors and forms of America's most beloved annual. No bloom is less than 6 inches across on these massive plants! A Park favorite for decades, it always delights. Pkt is 50 seeds.

Sunflower Velvet Queen is a radiant sunset of a flower, 8 inches across and every petal streaked with gold and orange. The plant reaches just 4 to 5 feet high, so it's manageable even in smaller gardens. Indescribably beautiful. Pkt is 50 seeds.

Sweet Pea Villa Roma Scarlet breaks new ground in Sweet Pea performance. Less than a foot high and wide, it covers itself in royal red blooms so fragrant they'll make you swoon. And it keeps blooming for months! Great for containers. Pkt is 25 seeds.

Vinca Pacifica Halo Mix flowers continuously from early summer until frost, refusing to be intimidated by the weather. It always looks neat and healthy, with rich jewel tones on compact plants. Pkt is 50 seeds.

Zinnia Swizzle Cherry and Ivory is just a foot high, but covers itself with double blooms fully 4 inches across all season long. One of Nature's easiest flowers to grow from seed is also among her most beautiful! Pkt is 15 seeds.

Zinnia Zahara Mix brings the beauty of Zinnias to mass plantings. A bedding variety perfect for any sunny spot, it regales you with single daisies in bright colors that just won't quit. Pkt is 25 seeds, and you'll treasure each and every one!