Aqua Spikes - Pack of 4

Aqua Spikes - Pack of 4

Reduces powdery mildew and other "wet leaf" diseases in the garden!

Pack of 4
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It was a happy day for the vegetable garden, Phlox, Zinnia, and even Roses when these nifty little devices were invented! You just screw them onto the top of old two-liter plastic bottles, saw the bottom off the bottle, and then sink them into the soil. Fill the bottle with water and liquid feed, and your watering is done for the next few days or even longer!

The sides and tip of these green plastic cones contain holes for releasing water slowly into the soil. Sink them into the soil just a little bit for quick watering of shallow roots, or deeper for established plants, where surface watering often has difficulty penetrating down to new roots!

And for plants that don't like getting their leaves wet -- such as Phlox, Zinnia, Roses, and more! -- these cones can entirely replace surface watering! You can set as many as you need around the plant, or just use one and refill it in seconds with the hose as you "do the rounds" in the garden. You'll save lots of water as well, because you won't lose a drop to evaporation or runoff! It's a great way to gradually feed your plants with a low-dosage liquid fertilizer such as AlgoFlash, too! No more messy mixing and dragging the watering can around!

I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but the bottom of this bottle is actually cut nearly entirely off, so that it flaps closed after you fill it with water. Fewer bugs and debris penetrate that way, keeping the bottle and cone cleaner. I've been using these cones in my garden for two years now, and I really see the difference in foliage beauty, especially during our hot, dry South Carolina summers!

These cones are also great for those few plants growing where the hose won't reach, or in such a tricky location that you spill half the water in the can before you reach the plant.

Aqua Spikes won't overwater your plants, either. They release water slowly, as the soil dries and needs it. And talk about a built-in weed killer -- you're no longer providing a breeding ground for weeds right beside your favorite plants!

Aqua Spikes are sold in sets of 4. Load up this season and enjoy healthier plants, a lower water bill, and a little extra leisure time away from the hose!