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AquaRocks® Water Absorbing Crystals
Water Less with AquaRocks®!

AquaRocks® Water Absorbing Crystals

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Contains ¾ pound.

These crystals absorb and retain water, releasing it when your plant needs it.
Spend less time watering and more time enjoying your plants with AquaRocks®, the amazing water-absorbing crystals that do the sprinkling for you! After these crystals soak up as much water as they can hold, they slowly release it as your plant gets thirsty. Now you can go away on vacation or get even your thirstiest plants through a summer day without fear of them wilting!

It's impossible to over-water with AquaRocks®, because the crystals are released only as the plant thirsts for them. They look great, take up very little space, and do the work of the watering can just when you need it most! Give it a try this season; we think you'll be pleasantly surprised. ¾-pound.

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Additional Characteristics Watering
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
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