Arctic Beauty Kiwi

Arctic Beauty Kiwi

Variegated Foliage, Pretty Flowers, and Yummy Fruit!

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A truly distinctive climber, this male Ornamental Kiwi Vine is an easy-to-grow variety that offers very attractive heart-shaped foliage and fragrant blooms.

The leaves open purple and mature to a bright green, eventually acquiring a few splashes of white and pink. The creamy-white flowers, although nicely scented, tend to be rather inconspicuous because of the dense foliage. They will, however, attract butterflies and hummingbirds, adding to the appeal of this well-mannered vine.

This male vine does not produce fruit but it does play the crucial role of pollination for female Arctic Beauty vines. The females bear greenish-yellow, 1-inch-long edible fruits in early fall when planted near a male.A non-clinging climber that won't sucker onto wood or other support, this vigorous vine asks only to be trained up a trellis, arbor, wall, or other vertical accent. It is robust and large, reaching 15 to 20 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide in most gardens, but is not a huge, rangy, out-of-control grower as some climbers are. From north to south, you will find it well-mannered and easy to shape into just the design you like. It survives harsh winter weather beautifully, yet also won't melt out in heat and humidity. A superb choice for the garden.