Asian Salad Mix Seed Tape

Asian Salad Mix Seed Tape

3 Gourmet Mustards You Can Sow in Seconds!

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30 days for baby greens, 45 days for mature leaves.

Mustard greens never looked so pretty or tasted so delicious as the three varieties in this blend of Asian types! Two frizzy-leafed types and a spoon-leaf combine to create tender, flavorful greens that can be picked very young or allowed to mature to full flavor and texture. And they arrive already embedded in protective seed tapes, which you place right onto the soil to hold the seeds in place as they sprout!

In this mix you get Mustard Frizzy Lizzy, a deeply cut, twisty, frilly red type; Frizzy Joe, Lizzy's green counterpart; and Bloody Mary, a rich burgundy spoon-shaped leaf, lightly toothed, with a bright lime-green stem. Each variety is as beautiful as it is delicious, and you will love the play of textures, colors, and shapes in this mix.

Start harvesting individual leaves just a month after they sprout for succulent baby greens, or let them mature for another 2 weeks or so for larger size and a bolder bite. They thrive in full sun to light shade, growing readily in the cool seasons. Mustard greens are hardy to 20°F, but when temperatures reach the 80s, they flower quickly. Make the most of the season by sowing successive plantings of these seeds for a longer harvest!

If you haven't grown with seed tapes yet, you will love how they simplify the direct-sow experience. You no longer have to double- or triple-sow seeds to make up for losses to rainfall, birds, and animals; the tapes have evenly spaced seeds that are protected as they sprout. As the seedlings emerge, the paper dissolves, biodegrading into the soil.

And planting straight rows or designing patterns is easier than ever with seed tapes. Just cut to the desired length, place the tape onto the smooth soil, and sprinkle a bit more soil on top. Water it in, and you're done!

It has never before been so easy to sow and grow gourmet greens to keep you in fresh, delicious eating all season!

Contains 15 feet of seed tape.