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Opens and Closes by Itself, Regulated by Temperature!
37706.jpgAutomatic Vent Kit for Greenhouses

Automatic Vent Kit for Greenhouses

Item # 37706
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Get Air Circulating in Your Greenhouse!

Easy to install!
This automatic vent opener is one of the simplest and most amazing products you will ever use. Taking mere minutes to install, it frees you from opening and closing the vents in your greenhouse forever! And it runs on . . . OIL!

When temperatures increase beyond about 60 degrees F, the oil in this crank or handle expands, causing it to raise the vent above roof level. The hotter the weather, the farther open goes the vent. When temperatures fall, the vent does too! It's as simple as that.

About 16 inches long and 3 inches wide, this is a single-bend opener, and your kit includes everything you need to install it. Put one on each vent in your greenhouse (it's made specifically for the Americana, Harmony, Essence, and other SnapLock greenhouses), and never worry about your greenhouse plants again!

The Automatic Vent Kit comes with a 1-year warranty and is constructed of super-durable aluminum. It's a pleasure to watch at work! Free yourself up for more interesting gardening jobs -- and improve the air circulation in your greenhouse for years to come! -- by installing this kit today!

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