Babyleaf Lettuce Blend Seed Tape

Babyleaf Lettuce Blend Seed Tape

Gourmet European Lettuces for Baby Greens!

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21 to 28 days.

Here it is: a gourmet mix of three premium lettuces just right for tender baby greens! In this mix you get a trio of the best European varieties, finishing fast and always delicious. And they arrive already embedded in protective seed tapes, which you place right onto the soil to hold the seeds in place as they sprout!

This Babyleaf Lettuce Blend contains a red oakleaf variety called Salmon, which offers thick, curly, substantial (yet succulent) leave that shade from deep purple at the tips to light green at the base and stem. It is paired with robust, upright green Romaine Bison, a very strongly flavored, uniform variety that adds substance as well as buttery flavor to any salad or sandwich. Nitaflash completes the trio, a redleaf with dark burgundy leaves, bolt-resistant and widely adapted. These three look great together, and each contributes a unique flavor and texture to the blend!

Babyleaf Lettuce Blend comes to us from Germany, where the varieties have each been trialed extensively for top-quality flavor, wide adaptability (especially to cold climates), and uniform size and finish time. All will be mature in less than a month, or can be allowed to grow on for larger leaves. The choice is yours!

And if you are new to growing with seed tapes, you will love how they simplify the direct-sow experience. You no longer have to double- or triple-sow seeds to make up for losses to rainfall, birds, and animals; the tapes have evenly spaced seeds that are protected as they sprout. As the seedlings emerge, the paper dissolves, biodegrading into the soil.

Planting straight rows or designing patterns is easier than ever with seed tapes. Just cut to the desired length, place the tape onto the smooth soil, and sprinkle a bit more soil on top. Water it in, and you're done!

Sowing and growing gourmet baby lettuces has never been so easy! Make successive sowings all season to keep those fresh greens coming! Contains 15 feet of seed tape.