Ball o Fire American Hornbeam

Ball o' Fire American Hornbeam

Gorgeous Fall Foliage!

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Light up the fall garden in brilliant color with Ball o' Fire! This splendid selection of our native American Hornbeam (also known as Blue Beech, Ironwood, and Musclewood) is compact and easy to grow, with handsome green leaves in spring and summer, and interesting winter silhouette, and stunning autumn color changes. Use it as a specimen, an accent, a hedge, or a screen tree!

This low-maintenance tree can tolerate many different types of soil (even clay!) while keeping its tidy, rounded habit. A slow grower, it is perfect for smaller yards, and can be used as a hedge. Although it is naturally symmetrical and needs no pruning, it is very amenable to being shaped to just the size you want.

Small pinkish-white blooms in spring (very insignificant) give way to nuts in summer and fall. Beloved of birds, these nuts make Ball o' Fire a prized tree in birders' landscapes.

Native to the Eastern U.S., Hornbeam is often called Blue Beech, though it is actually a relative of the Birch. Its common names of Ironwood and Musclewood refer to the very hard wood and the rippled nature of the branches. You will appreciate the beauty of Ball o' Fire in every season for decades to come!