Ballroom Tulip Blossoms

Ballroom Tulip Blossoms

Purples and Pinks in Perfect Harmony!

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This mix is a dream come true! Tulips make any spring special, but these vibrant varieties are a refreshing twist on the classic tulips you know and love.

Ballroom Blossoms is a mix of two fine varieties: Foxtrot, with fluffy pink and white double blooms that float like little clouds of cotton candy atop robust green stems; and Mariola, with dramatic deep purple petals and elegant form. The two complement one another perfectly, offering a great contrast in color intensity and flower form.

Both Foxtrot and Mariola are about 16 inches high, held on sturdy stems that hold up well in spring rainstorms and make long-lasting additions to the vase. They bloom at the same time during tulip season, so you can enjoy the play of color and texture for many weeks. Spectacular!