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Bamboo Stake Pyramid Cap Set

Pack of 3
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Such a simple solution!

Perfect for a bean or pea teepee!
You tie the bamboo stakes of your bean teepee together, train up your plants, and then a big wind or rain arrives and -- whoosh! -- everything collapses in a heap, snapping the stems of your beans and ruining your crop. Let's face it: gardening is too much work for disasters like these, especially when inexpensive, easy solutions exist. Enter the pyramid cap!

Sold in sets of 3, these low-tech little flexible plastic caps fit perfectly over 3 bamboo stakes, securing them for the whole season. When the crop is harvested, just pop them off and store them for next year. Easy-peasy!

Just 2 inches high and 1 inch in diameter, pyramid caps do a great job standing up to slipping, leaning, sliding plant supports. Don't garden without them! Set of 3.

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Pack of 3
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