Big Love Tulip

Big Love Tulip

Changing Colors!

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This tulip begins its long bloomtime with a pale green base, shading to white and light pink at the tips. As it matures, it turns white at the base and a deep, rich cerise-pink, darkening at the petal edges. What a magnificent show to watch, either en masse in the garden or up close in the vase!

Tall and elegant, Big Love reaches 30 to 40 inches high, with extra-large blooms of exquisite form. The buds are egg-shaped, slowly opening to reveal their play of colors. Arising in the middle of tulip season, they are a boon to the spring garden.

Like all tulips, Big Love appreciates full sunshine and very good soil drainage. It fares best in loose, rich garden soil, and should be planted deeply in warmer areas so that it receives adequate chilling hours during winter. In the deep south, it may be an annual.

Combine Big Love with nearly every other color in the tulip garden for a bright show that lasts and lasts! Zones 3-8.