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Park's Bio Dome has a New Big Brother!

Bio Dome Pro Seed Starting Kit - 144 cell

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Humidity Control, Moisture Wicking, and Great Aeration!

With a capacity of 144 cells, this is our largest and most efficient seed starter.

A Park Seed Exclusive!
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A Park Seed Exclusive! The results are in from our first season of starting seeds in the Bio Dome Pro, and they're amazing! The biggest of all the dome family has space for 144 plugs, and fills with grow mix rather than bio sponges. It sits on a capillary mat for more even moisture distribution, and it contains a deep reservoir. The clear dome is high, with two adjustable vents. And the growth potential in this ideal environment is simply stellar!

The perfect complement to our family of Bio Domes, the Pro is exceptional because both design and technology have matured. The dome is now more sturdy, with less potential to scratch and fog. The base is also stronger and a bit deeper. The mat is a big advance, providing more equal distribution of water to each cell. The 144-count cell tray rests on two stands, which double as plug removers. (Pop them upside down and they push the plugs neatly out of the cells without damage -- very nifty!) And the use of grow mix rather than bio sponges makes for a more flexible hole size and a quicker, more economical operation.

All of that said, what the Pro does very well is mimic the Bio Dome in terms of creating the perfect environment for seed germination and seedling growth. The humidity dome can be placed on tight, set at an angle, or removed, with the adjustable vents offering even more flexibility for temperature and humidity control. The separate cells give each plant a chance to grow in its own root space, and roots are trained downward rather than spiraling. Drainage holes at the base ensure even, dependable water uptake.

The Pro measures 20½ inches long, 11½ inches wide, and stands 8¾ inches high at the peaked center of the dome. The bottom tray (reservoir) is 3 inches deep, and the plug tray that sits on the capillary mat is 19 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 1½ inches deep. Within the plug tray, each of the 144 cells is 1 inch high, 1 inch wide, and 1½ inches deep. And the clear plastic dome, which is double-pitched like a roof, is 11½ inches wide and 5¾ inches high at the peak, sloping down on either side to 4½ inches.

If you start all or part of your garden from seed indoors, you can't afford not to use the Bio Dome Pro. Made to the same standards as the Bio Dome family, it's a home gardener's dream come true!

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