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Plant a New Crop in Your Bio Dome with these Bio Sponges!
v1597.jpgBio Dome Refill Sponges

Bio Dome Refill Sponges

60-cell (Pack of 120)
Item # 06565-PK-120
Buy 2+ at $16.95 ea
Available to ship.
40-cell (Pack of 80)
Item # 06452-PK-80
Buy 2+ at $22.95 ea
Available to ship.
18-cell (Pack of 36)
Item # 09323-PK-36
Buy 2+ at $17.95 ea
Available to ship.

Just soak them in water for a few minutes, then fit them into the Bio Planting Block!

This rooting medium is intended for use with Park's Bio Dome Seed Starter systems.
Your Bio Planting Block will last a lifetime with these handy, economical Bio Sponges! When you're ready to begin a new crop in the Planting Block, first be sure that the block has been thoroughly disinfected (warm water with a splash of bleach is fine). Then soak the Bio Sponges you intend to use in warm water for a few minutes. They expand, revealing the pre-drilled planting hole at one end. Simply slip one seed into the hole of each Bio Sponge, place the Sponge seed-side-up in the cell of the Planting Block, and you're on your way to another bumper crop of healthy, strong, super-quick seedlings!

3 different sizes available for replacement in the Original 60-Cell (sold in packs of 120), Jumbo 40-Cell (sold in packs of 80), and Whopper 18-Cell (sold in packs of 36) Bio Domes. Replacement Planting Blocks also available.

Additional Characteristics Seed Starting
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Happy with Bio Dome Seed Starter
Jeannine Loncar, Experienced Home Gardener from CO wrote (March 24, 2014):
First time user of the Bio Domes and the growing of petunias. Very happy with results. I have had 85-90% success in Park Seed petunias. Germination in 4 days using grow light and heat mats. Yesterday started tomato and pepper seeds. I liked the no mess in the house and ease of watering. Will definitely be buying more to the five I already have.
Love the Bio Dome
New Grandpa from TX wrote (December 21, 2013):
Parks Bio Domes are great. Follow the instructions and you can not go wrong. Parks also has a great support line.
Love the biodome
RGRUDE from SD wrote (September 05, 2013):
I have purchased products from Park Seed for the past 3 years. They have high quailty seeds and I love there Bio Dome seed starter.
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