Blewit Soil Therapy Composting Mushrooms

Blewit Soil Therapy Composting Mushrooms

Grow Blewit Mushrooms in Your Mulch!

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Now you can grow delicious blewit mushrooms right in your garden, using the mulch you apply around your vegetables and other bedding and border plants! Using this inoculated mixture, you can grow mushrooms for many seasons. It's even transplantable into a separate shady garden bed!

Companion planting mushrooms around and in between vegetable plants turns organic mulching debris into rich, loamy soil, while attracting and cultivating a worm population that increases aeration and soil microbes left behind in the castings that feed your garden and build soil year after year. You can turn depleted or pan clay soil into rich topsoil in weeks, not months using gourmet blewit mushrooms that also are delicious edibles!

A gorgeous bluish-purple mushroom, blewit thrives in composting leaves or aged manures. You can plant it right on top of the compost pile, especially one rich in leaves, livestock manure, paper, and cardboard debris -- all well-aged. Or you can set it onto any garden soil that has been enriched with this type of compost. Spread a layer of compost, then a layer of blewit mushrooms in its supplemented sawdust medium!

This edible mushroom needs a cold shock to fruit, so plant it during the warmer months and it will fruit a few weeks after the first frost. If you live in a warm or mild climates, it will continue to produce several more times throughout the winter months.

Blewit Composting Mushrooms can even be transplanted and naturalized in your garden and landscape. If you like, get it established in your compost pile or bin, then move it to a permanent spot in the shady bed or border! It's so simple, so good for the soil, and so delicious for you! Hardy just about anywhere in the U.S. -- zones 3-9. 5 pounds.

Note: If you can't plant the plugs right away, the spawn may be refrigerated for 3 to 6 months, but never frozen. Do not let spawn sit in the sunlight.