Uses only natural ingredients!

Bobbex Deer Repellent

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Uses both taste and smell aversion.

Won't wash off, dries clear, and is harmless to humans and wildlife.
At last, you can plant your garden with the selections you WANT, without having to look for ones that deer naturally avoid! This new deer repellent is safe, easy, and very effective.

Using only natural ingredients, it works by both taste and smell aversion, and it can be applied in almost any climate. It won't wash off in a heavy rain, it dries clear, and it's harmless to all wildlife, pets, aquatic life, and humans. Bobbex can be used on all ornamentals, trees, and shrubs, so you can start growing a beautiful worry-free garden! Concentrated Spray. 1-quart Bottle.

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1-quart Bottle
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Seedling Protection
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