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Brazilian Red Wine Allamanda Plant
A Glorious Tropical Vine!

Brazilian Red Wine Allamanda Plant

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Fragrant Blooms over 3 Seasons!

Giant 5-inch blooms!
For true tropical color in vining form, rely on this South American beauty! Over 3 seasons, Allamanda treats you to giant blooms with a luscious fruity fragrance. Prune it, train it up a trellis, or let it climb in your sunny garden!

Brazilian Red Wine takes off at the first hint of warm spring weather. This shrub appreciates being tied to something it can climb when it is young; this helps it get established and take off even more successfully. Twine it through a fence, let it ramble up a trellis, or prune it small to keep it as an upright shrub! So versatile, so easy!

WIth the summer heat, Brazilian Red Wine begins to open masses of flowers. Reaching 5 inches or more across, they are suffusd with a rich fragrance. And they stand out beautifully against large, showy evergreen foliage. These leaves can reach 4 to 6 inches long . . . but that's just keeping with the scale of the huge blooms!

Hardy only in zones 10-11, Allamanda can reach 10 or even 20 feet of growth in a single season if allowed to climb freely. It flowers continuously all summer and into fall, absolutely transforming the sunny garden into a tropical paradise. Perfect for that chain-link fence, unsightly wall, open-habit shrub or tree, or pergola! Prepare to fall in love with this vining delight!Treat your garden to the fragrance, beauty, and carefree growth of this magnificent South American vine! Actually a shrub that can be pruned small or trained up a trellis, this evergreen delight sets masses of fruit-scented flowers 5 inches or more wide. The blooms stand out beautifully among the big, leathery 4- to 6-inch leaves on this massive vine, filling the sunny garden with nonstop color from late spring through fall. Frost-tender, it takes off at the first hint of warm weather and continues flowering all season! Zones 10-11.This free-flowering plant sets masses of 5-inch yellow trumpets from the first breath of hot summer weather till the colder temperatures of autumn arrive. Very showy, they arise all over this plant, forming a large ball of color that stands out even from a distance.

Allamanda (the name nearly rhymes with "salamander") thrives in full sun in the north, afternoon shade farther south. A tropical vine, it is hardy only in zones 10 and 11, but if you bring this little tree indoors before first frost, you can enjoy it for many years to come. It needs plenty of water to flower its best, and should be cut way back in early spring. Perfect for large containers, it is easy to grow!

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Genus 2 Allamanda
Species cathartica
Variety 'Brazilian Red Wine'
Item Form Pack of 6
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