Brunette Alpine Clematis

Brunette Alpine Clematis

Silver-edged Plum Parachutes!

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The glossy, deep red blooms of Brunette make a lovely accent to evergreens and succulents?grow it as a backdrop to your conifers and shrubs for some spring color, or make it the star of your rock garden as it sprawls up the highest boulders! Very compact and tidy for a Clematis, this variety will even fit in large containers!

The nodding blooms add a burst of deep fuchsia/plum color, edged in silver and gilded with distinctive ?fuzz? on the reverse. These bell-shaped blooms have a light, delicate fragrance, but release much more of their delightful perfume in sunny conditions.

Bred in Sweden by Magnus Johnson, this distinctive variety descends from Clematis faurei, and since its introduction it has become a favorite amongst Europe?s Clematis aficionados. Now we are pleased to introduce it to American gardens! ?Brunette? is highly versatile: it can be grown in many soil conditions and in any aspect, meaning it can be grown facing any direction. It blooms in April and May, with the occasional rebloom continuing until August. Attractive, silky seedheads add more late-season visual interest to the display.

?Brunette? belongs to Clematis Pruning Group I, meaning that it blooms on old wood and should be pruned only minimally. Luckily, the compact habit of ?Brunette? keeps it attractive and tidy with little need to prune. It is the perfect size for covering a wall section without ?taking over?. Zones 3 to 9. 1 Quart container.