Burlap Stockings Advent Garland

Burlap Stockings Advent Garland

Count Down the Days with Little Treats!

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Remember how loooooong the days leading up to Christmas were when we were children? A few lucky souls had advent calendars, usually little cardboard scenes with a tiny chocolate behind each perforated window. For the rest of us . . . unwilling patience!

Well, it doesn't have to be that way for the little ones in your life (even if those "little ones" are actually full grown!). With this innovative and refreshingly low-tech advent garland, they can discover a pre-Christmas disguise in their stocking every day from Deember 1 through Christmas Eve! And the youngest ones will love choosing a place to hang this garland and using it for many other purposes (such as putting stuffed animals and dolls to bed in the empty stockings!).

This garland is 62 inches long, with each stocking (maybe we should really call them booties!) about 4 inches high and hung securely from a gingham tie along a jute cord. The stockings are soft shades of green, red, and winter white, made from dyed burlap and boasting a cheery button as well as a big, clear number announcing their date. There are 24, of course, and they are just waiting for candy, stickers, coins, notes, and other goodies.

Give this advent garland, filled or unfilled, to anyone on your gifting list. For a really unforgettable gift, fill one before you send it -- you will transform their entire holiday season! For gardening friends and family, seed packets make a lovely treat (imagine 24 new varieties to try in spring!), and it is such a thoughtful way of saying that you are thinking of them not only on Christmas Day, but all season long.

Happy holidays to you from all of us here at Park Seed, and best wishes for a beautiful garden year in 2016!