Canning Collection

Canning Collection

Everything You Need to Preserve the Harvest!

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Ready to preserve your garden harvest? Here are a few "must have" items to get you started. Our Canning Collection brings you five indispensable tools for turning your fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs into delicious jams, sauces, pickles, and more!

In this collection you get, first of all, a large enamel pot for sterilizing your preserve jars. This handsome porcelain enamel pot holds 18 quarts, making it a fine container for seafood boils and stews as well as a canning accessory. The diameter is 13¼ inches; with its lid, it is 12 inches high. A serious, beautifully constructed kitchen tool!

Handling hot preserve jars can be a dangerous and slippery business, so we have also included the Large Canning Rack in this collection. Working something like a dishwasher rack, it safely holds up to 7 quart or pint-sized jars, keeping them securely in place so that they do not touch during boiling and will not fall over as you lift them in and out of the water bath. Of course, this rack fits perfectly into the Enamel Pot.

Sterilizing jar lids as important as the jars themselves, so we also have a Canning Lid Rack in this collection. Holding up to a dozen lids, it offers a long handle with a heat-resistant wooden knob at the end. Now you can lower and riase lids into boiling water without risk of scalding your fingers!

Once the lids are sterilized, you will want to keep your hands free of them. So the magnetic lid lifter does the job for you! A simple tool that saves countless time and trouble in the kitchen, it is a marvel.

Finally, the thermometer we have chosen is high-quality, durable stainless steel with a heat-resistant silicone band, a clear temperature gauge for easy reading, a probe cover, and a clip to fasten it to the side of the pan. Both the thermometer and the lid lifter are from Kilner, the British firm that is synonymous with canning.

Start preserving your delicious harvests this season and enjoy treats from your own garden year-round! Let the Canning Collection help make the process even easier!