Canning Set (6 pieces)

Canning Set (6 pieces)

Everything You Need for Canning and Dehydrating!

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Ready to can your harvest of fruits and vegetables? Make it easy on yourself with this economical, super-useful collection of tools and equipment. You'll have everything you need to pour food easily into your Mason jars, handle the hot jars safely, and seal them securely.

The Canning Set contains sturdy equipment designed for many seasons of use. Whether you're a first-time canner or a seasoned vet of the Mason jar, you'll appreciate each piece and use them all many, many times.

Here's what you get:

Vinyl-coated wrench: Tightens (or opens!) jar lids effortlessly!

Vinyl-coated jar lifter: Removes hot jars from the sterilizing bath, so that your hands do not come into contact with hot water or steam.

Widemouthed funnel: Channels the food right into your canning jars without spilling a drop!

Vinyl-coated tongs: Lets you lift anything, precisely and easily, without coming into contact with hot surfaces.

Magnetic lid lifter: Makes picking up a single lid and placing it on a jar incredibly easy!

Bubble popper/measurer: Ensures the removal of air bubbles prior to sealing the jar, and measures the available headspace in the jar to avoid overfilling.

Have fun, stay safe, and save time with the 6-piece canning set!