Chaters Double Mixed Hollyhock

Chater's Double Mixed Hollyhock

Large, Double Flowers on Stately Stems!

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A favorite in gardens for more than 125 years, Chater's Double Mixed is the best of Hollyhock breeding, with the widest color selection and the most beautiful fully double blooms!

Breathtaking spires of bright color dominate the back of the sunny border, lean over low fences and walls, or stand alone in splendor in the summer garden. The blooms begin as rounded, plump buds, then open all over 6-foot spikes. Irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds, they reach full glory in midsummer in most climates, often continuing right into fall.

Hollyhocks are often biennial, but Chater's Double Mixed is a true perennial, returning for several seasons of beauty, and re-seeding itself freely where it is content. Let it colonize a big area in the sunny garden -- or, if you want to collect the seed instead and sow it yourself, simply tie a small paper bag around each bloom as it begins to wilt near the end of the season. Give the bags a shake whenever you are working in the border. One day you will hear rattling when you shake the bags, telling you that the seeds have fallen. Remove the bags and sow the seeds either in fall or spring. You will have new Chater's Doubles for years to come!

This vigorous, quick-growing plant spreads about 2 feet wide, with a large basal rosette of foliage. Best in well-enriched garden soil, it loves sunshine and heat but prefers low humidity. Severe winters are no problem; Chater's Doubles survive zone 2 weather effortlessly, yet also go south and west right through zone 8!

William Chater was a premier Victorian Hollyhock breeder, and his varieties have won countless awards. He bred Hollyhocks for double blooms, perennial lifespan, and improved color. You will absolutely love the results! Zones 2-8.