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Cherokee Brave™ Dogwood

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Giant deep red blooms are eye-catching from far away!

New spring foliage is burgundy, turning green for summer and bright maroon for fall!
Deservedly one of the most popular American Dogwoods, Cherokee Brave™ offers a bit of extra beauty for every season. Large red blooms, spring and fall foliage changes, and ornamental berries all contribute to its popularity as an understory or specimen tree in the landscape.

Opening before the foliage emerges in spring, giant deep red blooms (actually bracts) starred with a white eye cover the bare branches of this well-proportioned tree. They remain for weeks, very colorful and attention-getting. The first butterflies of the season immediately pay their respects, beginning a long year of winged visitors that terminates with birds eating the final fruits off the tree in the dead of winter!

The foliage opens with burgundy and maroon tones overlaying the green. By summer it is entirely green and very dense, but it turns brilliant maroon again in autumn, remaining for weeks before dropping for winter. Very showy!

Ornamental round red fruits, very attractive to humans and nutritious for birds, follow the blooms and dot the tree throughout late summer, autumn, and into winter, remaining after the leaves have fallen. Expect Cherokee Brave™ to reach 15 feet high and a bit wider, acquiring the horizontal layered look so characteristic of mature Dogwoods. Quite a showstopper!Mildew-resistant and far quicker-growing than most other C. florida cultivars, Cherokee Brave™ is also the parent of an exciting new variegated Cornus, 48632">'Firebird.' This dependable Dogwood is a beloved favorite in gardens across the country, and we are pleased to be able to make it available again. Enjoy! Zones 5-9.

Genus 2
florida var. rubra
Cherokee Brave™
cv. 'Comco No. 1'.
Item Form
5 - 9
Bloom Start To End
Mid Spring - Late Spring
Plant Height
15 ft
Plant Width
15 ft - 20 ft
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Canada, Florida, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam
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