Cherry Tart™ Caladium - Pack of 5 Bulbs

Cherry Tart™ Caladium - Pack of 5 Bulbs

Sassy Pink on a Compact Habit!

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The brightest and boldest Caladium we have seen in a long time, Cherry Tart™ dazzles with deep pink to scarlet foliage edged in velvety moss green and sporting dark veins radiating out from the margins of each leaf. For a whole lot of color in not much space at all, this compact variety is the one you want!

These leaves are ruffled and slightly pointed, making a big show in any setting. Content in any light except full sun, Cherry Tart™ is versatile and adaptable, outperforming many others. Thank you, University of Florida, for introducing this exciting addition to the foliage family!

Caladiums are a gardener's best friend; they have no natural enemies and grow contentedly in any rich soil. Just plant the bulb in warm (75 to 85 degrees F) conditions and watch it flourish with huge, wide-open leaves smattered with Christmas colors. Terrific as a bedding plant in any shady spot, they also make splendid winter houseplants. Full shade to part shade. Zones 8-10.