Cherry Tart™ Caladium - Pack of 5

Cherry Tart™ Caladium - Pack of 5

Outstanding Foliage Interest

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US Plant Patent Applied for, #UF44-4.

Cherry Tart™ has gorgeous lance-shaped, bright red-on-green leaves that will look good almost anywhere! This versatile plant looks dramatic trailing over a hanging basket, adds great foliage interest to any shade garden or mixed bed, and can even be forced into a more compact habit with a small pot. The only place you don't want to put this Caladium is in full sun.

This proven garden success out-performed other lanced-leaf Caladiums ('Florida Red Ruffles' and 'Florida Sweetheart') in several categories: tuber weight and value, plant height, leaf number and quality, and overall plant performance (source: Cherry Tart™ is very vigorous, swiftly reaching 1 foot tall and about 5 inches wide, and spreading more if it has room.

Caladiums are a gardener's best friend; they have no natural enemies and grow contentedly in any rich soil. Just plant the bulb in warm (75 to 85 degrees F) conditions and watch it flourish with huge, wide-open leaves smattered with Christmas colors. Terrific as a bedding plant in any shady spot, they also make splendid winter houseplants. We sell only fine Number 1 bulbs, large, healthy, and guaranteed to grow true to name.

De-eyeing will help keep this Caladium compact and dense, and is recommended for growing Cherry Tart™ in smaller pots; skip this step if you are growing Cherry Tart™ in a larger container or in the garden where it has some room to grow. Full shade to part shade. Zones 8 to 10.