Claim Jumper™ Katsura

Claim Jumper™ Katsura

Easy-to-grow with adequate watering!

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This coveted ornamental tree puts on a unique and beautiful color performance from spring to fall! This gold-leafed selection of the Japanese Katsura tree will make a wonderful addition to your landscape. When the foliage appears in the spring, it is simply stunning and keeps its yellow hue throughout the summer months. When the leaves begin to fall in autumn, a rich fragrance that some compare to cotton candy fills the air!

Claim Jumper™ will give you long, beautifully veined leaves in shades from lime green to yellow in spring, then fading from blush pink to gold as the seasons move forward. While this tree prefers shade, you can grow it in full sun and watch the leaves turn almost white!

This is a quick growing tree that is very densely branched. It reaches 18 to 24 feet high and 12 feet in width at its maturity. It does require adequate moisture to grow to its full potential and provide the richest of color. The leaves have a tendency to burn in the heat of summer if not kept properly watered.

Moisture and some sun is pretty much all that Claim Jumper™ requires, this Japanese tree is very low maintenance. Its deciduous habit makes the autumn show spectacular. You will enjoy Claim Jumper™ and its foliage for years to come and it is sure to be a noted landmark in your garden.