Claim Jumper™ Katsura

Claim Jumper™ Katsura

New spring leaves boast tinges of pink, while those grown in full sun turn nearly white by midsummer!

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Very choice and hard to find, this gold-leafed selection of the Japanese Katsura tree adds brilliant color to any sunny to partly shaded spot. The new spring foliage is stunning, keeping its yellow tones into summer and fall. And as the leaves begin to drop in autumn, a rich cotton-candy-like fragrance fills the air!

Claim Jumper™ offers long, beautifully veined leaves that open in tones of chartreuse to yellow in spring, blushed with bright pink that fades after a few weeks. By summer, the green has turned to yellow and the yellow to gold! The fun thing about this tree is that when you grow it in full sun, the leaves can turn nearly white by midsummer, but if it receives shade, they can acquire green tones. In dappled sunlight, they are every shade from ivory to sage, with all yellows and golds in between!

Like all Katsuras, this is a fast-growing tree, very densely branched. It reaches 18 to 24 feet high and about 12 feet wide over time, a splendid specimen or mass planting. It does need moisture for best foliage color; the leaves are prone to burn in summer sun if not kept consistently moist. So find a place on the hose line for Claim Jumper™!

Other than requiring moisture and at least some sun, this Japanese tree is very low maintenance. Selected by plantsman Mark Krautman, it is a wonderful alternative to traditional green-leafed Katsura varieties. It is deciduous, and the autumn show is spectacular -- not for the color, but for the fragrance! A rich, ultra-sweet fragrance fills the air around Claim Jumper™ as the leaves begin to fall. It has been compared to cotton candy, and it is a wonderfully heady aroma, such a surprise in the fall landscape.

Long-lived and majestic, Claim Jumper™ is destined to be a landmark in your garden. Find its unique place today, and enjoy brilliant foliage color and sweet scent for countless seasons to come!