Cob Corn #5

Cob Corn #5

Feed Backyard Wildlife the Nutritious Way!

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When you want to attract animals into the garden from squirrels to raccoons to deer, rely on these nutritious ears of corn! Perfect for stringing up for the enjoyment of large birds as well as small creatures, they are a great source of food for all your backyard friends!

Cob Corn #5 is a 5-pound bag of premium cleaned, untreated ears, perfect for setting out on a tray or table, hanging from a branch or hook, or setting near a pond as food for grazing animals. It's such fun to watch birds and animals nibble from these ears, picking out the kernels carefully. Have the nature camera or binoculars ready!

Many birdfeeders accommodate cob corn, and it is a valuable source of nutrition for birds as well as mammals. Economical and very long-lasting, it's a great choice for hanging in an area where you can watch the bird or animal swinging on the cob as it feasts!

Keep cob corn on hand year-round, especially during the lean winter months. Your backyard friends deserve nothing less! 5-lb bag.