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Coil Garden Hose

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Never Struggle with Tangled Hoses Again!

12-inch tails on either end make it very user friendly.
Sturdy construction is just one of the features that makes this an exceptionally valuable coil hose. Made from 100% polyurethane, the hose recoils automatically for easy handling and storage. It's great for everything from small city landscaping to use on marinas.

This convenient hose resists kinking and knotting, and its solid polyurethane construction is the absolute best for a long hose life without leaks or cracks. If you have had just about enough of rewinding a stubborn hose back onto its base, the Coil is a logical choice for you!

This hose has 12-inch tails on each coil end, making it a very user-friendly product. These sections of straight hose enable you to direct the spray where you want it, and offer a length of non-coiled hose where it attaches to the faucet, so that you can angle it in any direction needed.

The Coil Garden Hose is forest green and the standard 3/8-inch diameter. The ends are solid brass for a long life, and the construction is absolutely first-rate. You will love this all-purpose garden hose, whether you are just watering the patio garden or tackling your long borders, beds, and veggie patches!

Invest in a quality hose that won't frustrate you every time you use it! Try a Coil and see the difference for yourself. Hose nozzle is not included. Length: 50 feet.

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