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Collapsible Rain Barrel
Lightweight, Economical, and Easy to Use!

Collapsible Rain Barrel

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Holds 60 gallons of water!

What a great alternative to those big, clunky plastic barrels!
Perfect for today's water-starved gardens, the Collapsible Rain Barrel offers a compact, economical alternative to giant hard plastic rain barrels. Composed of 3-layered flexible polyester that holds 60 gallons effortlessly yet folds flat for storage, this useful container lasts for countless seasons! "Recycle" the rain and save on your water bill with this money-saving device!

The Collapsible Rain Barrel boasts a UV-resistant PVC coating, a fine-mesh screen to prevent debris from entering the water, and both an overflow tap and a water tap. The overflow tap is placed high on the barrel so that it can be connected to others, while the water tap offers a quick-release garden hose attachment. Measuring 28 inches high and with a diameter of 24 inches, it even includes the option for a downspout diverter with a 20-inch length of hose that attaches easily and works effectively.

During the off-season, the Collapsible Rain Barrel stores flat. So simple and efficient!

Item Form Accessories
Additional Characteristics Watering
Occasion All Occasion
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
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