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Compost Coconut Coir
Contains 4 bricks of Coconut Coir, each containing approximately 1 ½ cubic feet of Coir, which will swell to fill several cubic feet when moist.

Compost Coconut Coir

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An Amazing Medium in the Compost Bed and the Garden Bed

Coconut Coir holds moisture, resists disease, takes it easy on the environment, and makes a perfect Worm Composting medium!
Compost Coconut Coir is shredded coconut husk, a substance that has become world-renowned for its amazing properties in the garden bed and the compost bed, as well as the fact that it is a fully renewable resource. Coir is so remarkable because it is pH neutral, has a low carbon content, contains numerous air pockets, and absorbs and holds water extremely well. This makes Coconut Coir a great soil amendment in its own right--it keeps roots moist for much longer than other media, but without being boggy or promoting rot.

Coconut Coir is the ideal bedding for worm composting. To improve your worm composting bed, soak the coir in water until it is thoroughly moistened and expanded, then squeeze out the excess water (like a damp sponge) and add it to the medium. The Coir can be supplemented with shredded newspaper. Coir maintains the right level of moisture for the worms to move through (not too wet, not too dry) and serves as a nice source of gritty, natural fiber in the worms' diet. Coir is also all-natural and naturally disease-resistant, so it is less likely to harm worms (or plants) than peat moss or media with chemical additives. Coir is naturally porous, letting in the air needed for aerobic bacteria to aid in decomposition, and allowing worms to move easily throughout the media. Feed your worms natural compost ingredients like eggshells and vegetables, and they will actively break these ingredients down into a rich humus.

Coir is more sustainable and eco-friendly than the traditional alternative, peat moss. Peat moss is dredged from the bottom of ponds, damaging ecosystems and taking thousands of years to replenish. Coir, on the other hand, is a natural byproduct of coconut farms, which makes it readily available and completely renewable for the foreseeable future. Dimensions (each brick): 2" High x 4" Wide x 8" Deep. Weight: Approximately 1½ pounds.

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