Compost Crock Replacement Filters (set of 2)

Compost Crock Replacement Filters (set of 2)

Neutralizes Compost Odor in the Kitchen!

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What did we ever do before we had a compost crock sitting on the kitchen counter? The garbage disposal has to fight for attention these days, because so many peels, cores, seeds, and shells go straight into that little pot and from there, back into the garden where they belong! So let's keep the composter smelling its best (which means not smelling at all!) with replacement filters that get added before the situation becomes dire.

This set of two should last you about a year, give or take. Did you know that these flexible little charcoal filters are also rinsable? You can't submerge them in water, but if something sticks to them and you just want to rinse them clean, that's entirely do-able. This helps keep them looking good and working well throughout their approximate 6-month life.

These filters pop into the lid of any standard countertop compost crock. They measure 5.5 inches in diameter and weigh almost nothing (together they are just 1.6 ounces). And they do a terrific job of keeping odor at bay even in kitchens where the compost pail isn't emptied very regularly.

Make changing the compost filter part of the routine of your kitchen. It will help you want to continue recycling all that fresh green matter if the pail smells good. And you will be amazed by just how fast all that compost adds up into rich, dark garden soil that helps your plants grow their very best. Set of 2 filters.