Cool Wave™ Blue Skies Pansy Seeds

Cool Wave™ Blue Skies Pansy Seeds

Most Spreading, Most Vigorous Pansy of All!

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It's another stunning color for the Cool Wave™ series of spreading, trailing Pansies! The same folks who brought us the Wave® Petunias have transformed the way we grow Pansies, and the results are simply beautiful.

Blue Skies is a gorgeous azure-blue bloom, 1½ to 2 inches wide, with a yellow "thumbprint" at the center and delicate dark purple whiskers. It arises by the hundreds on pants that trail more than 2 feet (seriously!), either from baskets and tall planters or along the garden floor. No wonder Cool Wave™ is called "a Pansy on steroids"!

A large part of the appeal of Blue Skies is that it isn't simply a long, spindly prostrate plant. It is quite full in the center, mounding nicely 6 to 8 inches high and keeping its height with fresh blooms in the middle as well as along the trailing stems. Deadhead the spent blooms and you will find the plant looking as clean and vibrant at the end of the season as it did all along.

And like all the Cool Waves™, Blue Skies puts up with adversity. This plant bounces back beautifully from rainy and rough weather, filling your garden or patio with brilliant blooms all spring, fall, and in warmer climates, winter. Far more cold-tolerant than older varieties, it also overwinters magnificently. Everything about this spreading pansy is a superlative: it is the most vigorous, the longest spreading, the most weather tough. Simply the best in all respects, it's a whole new generation of performance excellence!

Use Pansy Cool Wave™ Blue Skies as groundcover or accents in the sunny to partly shaded garden, and in containers of every description. You just won't believe the flower power, growth, and resilience of this beautiful soft blue and gold pansy!

Pansy seeds are easy to start, but they take time. Begin them indoors 12 weeks before the last frost in your area, placing one seed in each bio sponge of your Bio Dome or covering them with a thin layer of soil in your seed trays. Then cover the Dome or tray with black plastic until the seeds germinate, as absolute darkness is needed. (Bottom-water the Dome to keep the bio sponges moist throughout the germination process, or mist the seed tray every few days.) The ideal germination temperature is 65 to 70 degrees F. You should see sprouts at about 15 days.

Once the seedlings appear, remove the black plastic and grow the plants on in a cooler room, keeping the soil moist and feeding regularly. The seedlings grow slowly but steadily, and are ready to transplant when they have at least 2 sets of true leaves (3 or 4 sets are even better) and all chance of frost is gone. Once they put down roots in your garden bed or container, there's no stopping Cool Wave™! Packet is 10 seeds.