Creeping Mazus

Creeping Mazus

The Groundcover You Can Step On!

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Ideal for busy garden spaces where children run, bicycles roll, and pets scamper, Creeping Mazus is a very low-growing, spreading groundcover that stands up to a lot of abuse. Not many plants withstand foot traffic, but this moisture-loving perennial can take it!

Just an inch or two high and spreading up to a foot wide, Creeping Mazus offers small (1-inch) narrow leaves of bright, deep green, topped by snapdragon-like blooms of violet in late spring. The flowers are tiny as well -- this is a plant in miniature, spreading by roots and covering the soil with a dense, tough mat that puts up with a lot of abuse.

All Creeping Mazus needs is moisture -- even wet soils are fine -- and sun to partial shade. It is evergreen only in mild-winter climates, but it will return faithfully in spring everywhere it is hardy, filling in the spaces between stepping stones or covering large areas with speed and beauty. Such a useful perennial for every garden! Zones 5-9.