Damast Bunching Onion Seed Tape

Damast Bunching Onion Seed Tape

High Yields and Great Adaptability!

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65 days.

A delicious and very compact bunching onion from Germany, Damast is a delight to grow as a guard plant around your vegetable patch, a container choice for the patio, and a bedding mainstay. The dense, dark green foliage is delicious, the habit is perennial, and if you leave a few stems unpicked, the fragrant yellow blooms are beautiful!

Damast is renowned for its high yields. This is a strongly flavored Welsh Onion, with good holding ability and an ease of culture which means you can grow it in both spring and fall in warm climates, and often right through summer in cooler areas. It resists frost and will multiply over time in most climates, so be sure to leave the white bulbs intact at the base of the plant after harvesting the green stems. Mother Nature will do the rest!

And now Damast is super-easy to grow without wasting a seed. We have embedded the seeds in 15 feet of biodegradable paper. These seed tapes serve several functions. First, they are simply easier than sowing seeds one by one. Second, they let you create straight rows and designs instantly. Third, they help protect seeds from washing out in rains or being eaten by birds. Fourth, they are evenly spaced, so you don't have to double- or triple-sow.

Damast is vigorous and dependable, with high-quality production every time. Make it part of your landscape this season and for years to come!15 feet of seed tape.