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Deer Repellent Concentrate (32 oz.)

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A repellent doesn't have to stink to work!

Blends natural essential oils for maximum effectiveness and long life
With an estimated whitetail deer population of 30 million, today's gardener is being invaded by a hungry army of plant eating deer. No wonder gardeners are looking for reliable solutions to get rid of deer!

Foraging deer can destroy a garden in a night. This natural deer repellent is perfect for deterring deer year round, it's long lasting and has been proven to work under all conditions. Don't find out in the spring that the deer destroyed your garden this past winter; protect your garden now!

Control deer in your yard with the best smelling deer deterrent on the market. Concentrated 32 oz. bottle makes 2.5 gallons and covers up to 10,000 sq ft.

  • Easy to use
  • Effective all year round
  • Even safe for the deer!
  • Pleasant scent

If this is your first time using Deer Repellent then we suggest to spray the plants and flowers you want to protect thoroughly while the plants are dry. This repellent works by taste and smell so the most effective protection is spraying directly on the plant. A good first spray will do wonders for your garden and yard.

After the first application, maintenance is required for new growth. A quick spray of all the new growth in your yard is as simple as walking through and spraying the new growth. Touching up your plants is vital; keep an eye on them as they are growing, since they are your best indicators on when to spray. Typically once or twice a month of touch up is necessary but there are certain plants that will require more attention.

Plants that grow very fast need to be sprayed more often. Even Daylilies can be grown if protected with the correct spray schedule. The best advice is to monitor your susceptible plants more frequently.

Concentrate + Water = Finished Amount Approx. Coverage
5 oz 43 oz 48 oz 1,500 sq ft
13 oz 115 oz 1 gal 4,000 sq ft
32 oz 2.25 gal 2.5 gal 10,000 sq ft
Item Form Accessories
Size 32 oz concentrate
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
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