Dino Garden Box

Dino Garden Box

Grow a Prehistoric Garden!

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Whoever thought of this children's seed starting kit is simply brilliant. The idea is that it contains the seeds of 6 types of plants that were living on Earth when dinosaurs ruled the planet! So your budding young gardener (or not so young, if you intend to break the kit open and get started, like we did here at Park just minutes after receiving it!) can not only have the fun of growing seeds, she or he can then arrange them as a dinosaur habitat just right for plastic toys or models!

Perhaps you played with dinosaurs and other toy animals in the garden when you were a child? We know we did, and we certainly never thought about the plants that might actually have been around during the dinosaurs' era. But with this kit, not only is it a more realistic landscape, but children are actually learning something about plant history and ecosystems. Pretty cool, which is why we think it might be popular in dorm rooms and office cubicles as well as the kids' playroom.

So here's what you get: a charming little egg carton-like box containing 6 seed packets, coir disks for starting the seed (they expand in water, offering a nice porous germination and growing-on medium), and 12 wooden labels to decorate. (The egg carton box becomes the place to put all the coir disks as the seeds sprout and grow.) Complete instructions are included as well, and each seed packet contains 5 or 6 seeds -- 1 or 2 for the disk, plus a few extras, which is an excellent idea. Here's what plants you get:

Ginkgo - Well, if there is one plant most of us know is ancient, this is it. And those wonderful little fan-shaped leaves are guaranteed to delight, if other members of the family do not steal them to use as dolls' fans. (We speak from experience.)

Norway Spruce - The cool thing about this one is that from the moment it begins growing, it looks like a tiny Christmas tree. Again the issue of siblings stealing comes into play, but it's perfect for your dinosaur landscape.

Japanese Black Pine - Often used as bonsai, with its fantastically twisted trunk and almost horizontal branching. Easy to imagine a dinosaur stretching its neck upwards to munch the dark green foliage.

Colorado Spruce - Another magnificently shaped and layered specimen, faintly fragrant.

Princess Tree (Paulownia) - The scene-stealer in your landscape, with fantastic trusses of lilac blooms among chartreuse foliage.

Poppy - Every garden needs one bright bloomer, and this ancient species is here to fit the bill! Easy and quick to grow, too.

We think this would be a great new-baby gift that you start yourself, so that the dino garden is well grown and on its way by the time the baby is a child old enough to play with it. And of course it's the perfect solution for kids who are not inspired by the typical school seed-starting projects (radishes, zinnias). Appealing to the imagination and sense of play is usually successful, and we are certain you have someone in your life who would love such a gift. Pick up an extra; you know you're dying to start one yourself! 3" x 4" x 6". 5 oz.