Dip n Grow Liquid Rooting Concentrate

Dip 'n Grow Liquid Rooting Concentrate

Never Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Plants!

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Propagate your favorite plants by taking cuttings, dipping them in plant growth regulator, and planting them into a pot. Rooting hormone reduces transplant shock and helps plants grow new roots faster, and it's ridiculously easy and inexpensive.

Dip 'n Grow is a powdered concentrate that you mix with water (following the directions on the package). Professional growers use rooting hormone regularly to root cuttings, and so can you -- it takes no special equipment or knowledge beyond this one, reasonably priced solution! Here's how to do it:

• Snip healthy stems from your favorite annual geraniums (Pelargonium), coleus, begonia, sedum, or other plants, making sure to cut at an angle and to get at least 3 ot 4 inches in length.

• Remove lower leaves at the base, leaving only the topmost leaves. (If any blooms remain, snip them off too.)

• Dip the cut end of the stem into Dip 'n Grow for a few seconds, wetting it thoroughly at the base and about an inch up the stem.

• Immediately plant the stem into a good-quality potting mix in a container.

• Set the container in indirect light or shade indoors, and mist the leaves of the cutting thoroughly. The cutting has no roots, so it will need to take up water through its foliage.

• Repeat the misting process several times a day, if possible, until you see new growth on the cutting.

• When new growth begins, move the cutting to a brighter area indoors and begin watering the soil. If you want to stimulate more growth, put the plant on a feeding schedule. If you simply want to let it grow slowly (during winter, for instance, if you are planning to move it outside in spring), continue to give it water and sunshine, and it will grow roots and leaves at a more gradual pace.

Not every cutting you take will root successfully, but your chances are greatly improved when you use Dip 'n Grow. Have fun making new plants from old! 2-ounce powder.