Dirt Pot (5-gallon)

Dirt Pot (5-gallon)

The Go-Anywhere, Fit-Anywhere Flowerpot!

Dirt Pot (5-gallon) Gray
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This 5-gallon-capacity planter gives a whole new meaning to flexible planting space -- the bag itself is movable and adjustable, with soft sides that can be shaped to fit whatever tight spot it finds itself in! Very breathable and drain-able, this Dirt Pot is a terrific alternative for those of us with more plants than space!

Made of heavy-duty, lightweight woven fabric, the Dirt Pot offers great air circulation and drainage for plants. It actually holds a bit more than 5 gallons of soil, so you can plant a crop of potatoes or other root crop, a mixed group of annuals and perennials, an herb garden, or even a small shrub or tree. When the pot is empty, just hose it down and hang it up to dry. Then fold it flat -- no storage space needed! For all of us who are severely challenged for storage space these days, the Dirt Pot is a welcome innovation.

And you can move this pot from spot to spot, to follow the light or bring it indoors for weather protection as needed. It is easy to carry via two very strong, reinforced fabric handles that reach under the base of the pot so they can't tear while you're carrying a full pot. Such a simple yet clever idea -- why has nobody thought of it before?!

The Dirt Pot stands 10.5 inches high and has a diameter of 12 inches. Although it weighs only 0.3 pounds empty, it can hold 5.14 pounds of soil. And because it has so much root room, you won't have to worry about plants becoming pot-bound and circling their roots. Everyone should try at least one Dirt Pot this season, just to see how different container gardening can be! Economical and long-lasting, too. We are big fans!